Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Cassandra discovered her love for theatre during her kindergarten production of "The Three Little Pigs".


After moving to Kansas, Cassandra joined numerous after school clubs, but her favorite was always theatre. She took on roles such as the Grinch and Willy Wonka. 

In high school, Cassandra honed her talents through the Kansas Thespians and learned all she could through the Omaha Film Festival. 

After being accepted into Missouri State University's BFA- Acting program, Cassandra looked for experience in stage plays, student films, and professional commercials. Cassandra found a home in In-School Players where she took on two seasons. This program writes, directs, and performs a show similar to Saturday Night Live for local elementary shows.


She was hired at Missoula Children's Theatre and toured the summer after her Junior year, to be asked back for a 12 month contract when she graduates May 2018. 

Whether it's a 500 mile hike across Spain, or skydiving, adventuring is such a big part of Cassandra's life. 


Cassandra's fiance is the light of her life and her greatest supporter. 


Cayenne and Calzini bring Cassandra so much happiness. 


Working for the Traveling Princess Company and bringing a smile to a child's face is one of Cassandra's favorite feelings


Cassandra Lampen